BUSINESS PLAN COMPONENTS: At FSI, our team provides assistance in crafting a business plan that is up to industry standards and includes all the necessary information presented in an understandable and concise way. We work with start-ups in their seed, pre-series A, series A, and series B stages to refine and review their business plan documents, offering feedback from our network of investors. This review process helps get the start-up ready for pitching to angel and VCs. Additionally, we help start-ups at the idea and pre-seed stages with writing their business plans from the beginning, including researching and conducting market, competitor, SWOT analysis, and customer studies to create the most effective plan.


1.       Executive Summary

2.    Business, solution, and product description

3.    Industry& Market Study

4.   Marketing and Sales Strategies

5.   Financial Plan and Analysis

6.   There are several important components to a successful business plan, including:

7.    The mission statement

8.   The plan of action

9.   The Financial feasibility study

10. Employees training programs

Discussing your ideas and strategy, as well as making improvements to your business model

Finalizing your business strategy and preparing to present your startup to investors

We will analyse and assist you in developing your business strategy. We will assist you by offering our complete assistance and our investors' comments and opinions on your business plan, whether you are beginning from scratch or merely searching for external help in creating your business plan. Our business plan creation service assists you in creating a thorough business strategy for your new venture. Our business plan will comprise the following sections: rivals, thorough market study (market size and trends), locating angel investors and SWOT analysis, marketing strategy, monetization strategy, and so on. Our business plan creation services are divided into two categories: creating a new business plan from start and evaluating and enhancing an existing business plan. We assist you in creating a business plan for a variety of objectives, such as asking for a loan.


A start-up pitch deck is a quick presentation that uses presentation slides to offer investors with an outline of your new business and/or start-up idea. It is generally centered on demonstrating your product, explaining your business concept, providing an overview of your monetization approach, and introducing your staff.


Start-up Pitch Deck: Goals

ü Create a New Pitch Deck

ü Present your Pitch Deck to a close circle of angel investors

ü Review your Pitch Deck

ü Get Feedback

§  Benefits of building a funding pitch deck


There are several benefits to creating a funding pitch deck:


ü A excellent fundraising pitch deck may assist start-ups in more persuasively displaying their product or service. It may also emphasise the company's potential to produce value for its investors and spell out the company's strategy for profitability and development.

ü In order to pitch your start-up to them, you need have a sound pitching plan in place. You may raise the likelihood that prospective investors will think positively of you and choose to participate in your company by emphasising how your good or service differs from others presently available on the market.

When trying to entice potential investors, it might be beneficial to build a solid financial case. You may make it simpler for potential investors to determine whether you have enough cash on hand to meet your expenditures and continue producing new sales even after experiencing some setbacks by demonstrating your income stream (via comparisons to other businesses).


ü Gathering the required financial data

ü Identifying your financial assumptions

ü Creating your financial model

ü Creating your financial forecasts

ü Performing a business feasibility study

ü Cash flow analysis, business valuation analysis

ü Assessing your start-up, and improving your financial files for funding

ü Analysing your financial data are all steps in the process.

Importance of a Financial Model For Funding and When Approaching Investors

    To finance your start-up, you must have a solid financial plan in place. If an investor is first interested in investing in a start-up or a firm, they often need the financial model and predictions. The investor(s) would not be able to have access to the financial data, which is the most crucial factor when evaluating an investment, without a comprehensive, accurate, and attractive financial model.


Before presenting your pitching materials to angel investors and VCs in order to gain their attention and obtain angel capital, our team work son reviewing and improving your pitching materials (pitch deck, business plan, and financial model). We make sure that your documents demonstrate and explain your idea and show your competitive edge.

ü Preparing investment-ready pitching materials to present your company in the best possible light

ü Arranging meetings with potential investors in our network

ü We assist you in determining how to effectively tell investors about your start-up.

ü You don't want to concentrate too much on the specifics of how you started, your own hardships, and similar factors while presenting your start-up to angels and VCs. Of course, you also need to respond to the key inquiries that your potential investors are likely to ask.

Here are important questions to answer when pitching your start-up

o What is your start-up about?

o Who is your target market?

o What is your product or service?

o What is your business model and what makes it feasible and scalable?

ü Investors’ feedback to refine your pitch


This service is a component of our initiative to raise capital. We assist you in determining the appropriate valuation for your start-up throughout the fundraising plan phase. Regardless of whether your start-up is in the pre-revenue or post-revenue stages, our team does the necessary research and gathers the data to precisely and using various techniques value your start-up. The fundamental issue with start-up valuation is that, for start-ups that are in the early stages and seeking early capital, it frequently tends to be a subjective topic! In this service, we will outline what we do to get around this problem and how we assist startups in determining the appropriate value regardless of their stage.

ü Correctly assessing your startup's worth

ü Compiling and evaluating the necessary financial data, as well as using the appropriate techniques

ü Your financial model must reflect the appropriate value.


We aid startups in making plans for the necessary funding and preparing for next rounds. Our experts assist you in estimating the funding amount required at various stages, setting your funding goals, exploring the next steps in your start-up funding journey, and analysing your start-up valuation and equity dilution. Whether you are preparing for your Pre-seed funding, seed funding, Series A funding, Series B funding, or even more advanced stages, our experts can help.

ü Planning to Raise Capital Setting up specific fundraising objectives

ü Staging the amount of capital required

ü Researching the most effective methods to raise capital and reduce equity dilution

ü Choosing the appropriate time periods for the next phases

ü Exploring the next steps in the funding journey

ü Examining the most suitable financing options for the upcoming investment rounds

ü Analysis of valuation and equity