FACTSHEET M&A Transaction Advisory Services

§  Strategy – We develop M&A strategies to generate value at every step of the transaction throughout the deal cycle. Key support areas include:

ü  Developing the deal strategy

ü  Preparing the business plan

ü  Creating the information memorandum and other collaterals

ü  Readying for due diligence

ü  Identifying potential partners

ü  Negotiating the terms and conditions

ü  Assisting in the transaction documents

§ Due diligence – Our team will identify any hidden opportunities and risks by analysing the information through a detailed due diligence process. Our due diligence process incorporates a comprehensive assessment for accurate decision-making during the entire deal process. Our key support areas include:

ü Human capital and workforce management to ensure stress-free transition and culture compatibility

ü Operations management to assess the overall health to determine potential risks and ensuring the business is ready

ü Finance and tax management to ensure financial statements are readily available to determine the most efficient deal structure

ü  IT and cyber management for seamless integration of the systems

§  Implementation & Integration – We assist clients in laying the strategic foundation for seamless transition and capturing the expected synergies in totality post-deal closure. Whether you integrate an acquired company or set it for long-term growth, seamlessly integrating the culture, finance, operations, and technology is important for success. Our key support areas include:

ü  Integration planning & stabilisation

ü  Technical accounting

ü  Integrating management office setup & operation

ü  Synergy &value creation assessment

ü  Integrating strategy development

ü  Post-deal support including dispute resolution & support

ü  Interim leadership & knowledge transfer

ü  Integrating data, people, process, & systems

ü  Designing operating model & organisation structure of the merged entity

§ Organisational improvement – Our team will optimise the operational model and organisation structure for greater agility & productivity while aiming to strengthen the overall performance after the deal closure. Our key support areas include:

ü  Talent management & employee value proposition

ü  Change management & cultural assessment

ü  Succession planning & retention implementation

ü  Digital transformation

ü  Real estate& workplace strategy