Starting a new business or planning for it is a hefty task to do. Any new business venture starts from planning it in documents and then practically implementing it. It could have info about al its services and products, revenue sources, staffing and leadership team, different models that show's different possibilities and outcomes and a roadmap on how operations will be undertaken in next three to five years.

If you own a small or medium sized business and running it from a year or two you need to make a business plan for growth. On a present day, you may have ideas or thoughts lined up to achieve this and probably some of you could have done it also. Many of you would have started businesses either by funding from private investors or via loan or could have put in there money by themselves, but probably many of you will not have time to create your expansion plan yourself, or may not have a good source or resources necessary to undertake that.

Whatever your goals you will need help for developing a professional SME business plan that will stand up to perpetuity and provide a genuine growth graph for your business.

Main purpose of business plans

There are basically two primary purposes of any business plan

To help get an idea and vision to collectively run your company. By truly analyzing your plan for marketing, sales, manufacturing, website design, etc., you greatly improve your chances for success.

The second purpose is to have a business map of success so that you can demonstrate it to the banks and private investors on lending you the capital for expansion and other things which will help your business grow.

How we approach in making business plans?

Research, research and more research on understanding the business.

Purpose of your business plan.

Create a company descriptive profile.

Document all aspects of your business from its products and services to management & production.

Broad market analysis and eye on current trends.

Financial plan and projections on its base.

Have a strategy and implementation plan in place

Make it adaptable based on your customer or consumers.