In to day's delusional world, any decision-making process is arduous and if it is related to pick the right stock or invest in something it becomes gruesome. So it is evident that financial markets need indispensable technical skills.

Fundamentals of the company play a significant role and it is obviously important to analyze it with having a competitive set of Technical skills at one's disposal.

Along with the objective of maximizing profits good quality technical Research is to take the strategic essence of timing into account, in the given set of conditions while minimizing and mitigating the negative factors.

As equity research is predominantly based on the technical study, it takes time with deep knowledge & analytical thinking to deal with market up’s and downs. At Factsheet there is experienced equity research analyst who is specialized with all the important parameters which are to be drawn to do the efficient financial researching. We are well trained to provide crystal clear analysis for Individual Investors, Individuals with high net worth, Asset Management, and Wealth Management firms, startups, Big corporate firms, Industry specific people etc.

The equity research study covers the different things which are as follows:

  • Analyze the growth, Review Quality, Dividends by parts, Future Trends and Inflow and outflow cash analysis.
  • Get to know about market trends and device the strategy to purchase the stock.
  • Check out the previous gains compared to market insight for custom periods.
  • Investment ideas based on the research made.
  • Investment ideas based on the research made.
  • Industry/Sector and thematic research.
  • News Alerts and Monitoring
  • Analysis of con calls and recent activities of the company

Equity research services will also include other related financial research services.

Based on client necessity we include modeling in equity research analysis and under it we device different techniques and submodels for valuation, company operational performance, evaluating intrinsic value, efficiency by ratio analysis and much more.

Customizable research reports according to clients specifications. Includes summaries based on valuation techniques, cost drivers, the impact of management decisions, detailed over the vision of the core financials of the company and much more.

Business forecasting is must if someone is investing to see the turnaround of the business. Research report includes explanation and reasoning of the forecasted numbers based on different conditions put together.

It includes summary and conclusions based on the research insights,study,findings and limitations.It further postulates directions from the research as well as highlight any loopholes in it. This also includes further improvements and services in the customization of research design.

Management plays a vital role in companys growth and it’s very important for an anyone to know the quality of management before investment in a company .This is a place where our analysts add real value, since they have direct access to management on quarterly conference calls, examine press release, site visits, and other occasions. Unlike individual investors, they ask management probing questions about the business, and then do an assessment of their competence and relay that information back to investors.