Business valuation is determining the fair value of a business.
Business Valuation is subjected to appropriate inputs but is an art of science.
Business Valuation can be done to know sale value, at the time of taxation, divorce proceedings or while establishing partner ownership.

Factsheet as a company knows how important is accurate and well reasoned valuation opinions worth.
We provide thorough documentation and critical support to our clients. Our team values your approach for future.

Valuation is key component in any company’s operating activities which decide company’s worth.
We keep every small to large aspect valuating your business and provide you trusted and diligent business valuation.

Factsheet analyze capital structure, management, asset value and each required aspect which may vary from industry to industry, evaluators and business, and review discounting cash flow models, company comparisons, financial statement as per common approach.

Our analysts use different methods to analyze your business value like Earning Multiplier, Market Capitalization, DCF Method, Time Revenue Method, Breakup value and more than required and high intelligence of our team.
Clients trust us for our flawless services and accuracy which is high point of consideration for us.
We assure you excellence and life long business relation with us.